Liisa Grambom-Herranen
University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education, Finland


evento: Colóquio Interdisciplinar sobre Provérbios 2007
organização: AIP
resumo: To get to understand what do children learn in everyday life and communication at home, I look at the pedagogical speech and proverbs used in it. Proverbs are an important part of upbringing, teaching and learning especially in cultures based on unwritten information and memory as was situation also in Finland still in 19th and early 20th, if we look at the majority of population (Finnish speaking non-owners in countryside). Without the context it is not possible to know the meaning of what is said – either the speaker’s intention or the listener’s understanding of it. To find out proverbs in contexts they have been used, I have looked at the memories of childhood to get the listeners view and understanding about the pedagogical speech of his/her childhood. The listener’s (child) conceptions of what was said and what was meant with the proverbs proved to differ from that we have been used to think to be the standard message of proverbs.