Maria Luisa Vega
Facultad Philology UCM, Spainrica


evento: Colóquio Interdisciplinar sobre Provérbios 2007
organização: AIP
resumo: The recent changes undergone in Spanish Universities and very especially in those Faculties and Colleges of Humanities have not dealt with one relevant feature: that of linking subjects, I mean, a certain degree of interdisciplinary so essential at Higher Education levels. In my view, a great effort to be done is still to interrelate two major fields in the area of our Faculties of Philology: that of Languages and Linguistics and that of Literature and Cultural Studies. My paper will consist on offering one aspect: Proverbs, which can quite successfully fill in the gap between all subjects included in the aforementioned fields. First, I will select 25 Proverbs concerning the Anglosaxon World whether sourced and used in Great Britain, USA/Canada and Australia/New Zealand. On purpose, I will exclude those related to Celtic Origins. Second, I will show the way/s in which they can be learned in Courses of, say, English’s, Literature, History, Geography, and Institutions - whether political or social. Finally, I will try to demonstrate (a task I myself have already carried out some years ago) that the concept, the idea, the core of a Proverb can never be fully apprehended, grasped, understood and even less, appropriately produced by university students as an isolated unit, I mean, uncontextualided.